Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D

Medical Revolt

Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease. For some it can be nothing more than one attack of some strange neurologic symptoms that never recur. However, all to often MS is a slow steady decline into complete debility. And making it even more tragic is that it most often starts at a young age, most typically in a person’s twenties. And currently we have no idea what causes it and our treatments are very ineffective.

However, vitamin D has been well-studied in its relation to MS. Multiple studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation or normal levels are protective against MS decreasing the risk of having MS substantially. In fact studies done as far back as the 1990s showed that Vitamin D completely inhibited a mouse model for MS called experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. In fact Vitamin D as a protector against MS would explain the geographic distribution of MS that…

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