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Occupational Therapy in a care home


Some community therapy teams go into care homes, to do specific assessments and treatment, however there are few Occupational Therapists working permanently in care homes.

This is something I am going to explore further. In particular focus on how Occupational Therapists can help to improve the life of individuals living in care homes.  It certainly does not mean that individuals have to lose their independence and occupational focus.

I welcome any input/comments about how Occupational Therapists can contribute to the care of individuals in care homes and will be posting again soon.

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I’m reading Mental Health: PTSD via the The OT Magazine app

A great article featuring a fellow student from my uni years!

The unfinished poem

As I walk by the rushing stream

And plan my life with dreams

I stop and watch the world go by

And often wonder why…


I invite you to finish the unfinished poem,

Love Gemini

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

That pretty much sums it up. 4.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and unfortunately it drastically changed my life and the lives of those closest to me forever. So please he…

Source: April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Shall we dance?

Happy Valentines! Source: Shall we dance?

Occupations are what we do

Occupation Occupations make us do (3)



It’s here…it’s World Occupational Therapy day today! Supporting the day of global recognition for the profession.

We’re looking at the occupations in one day, from the moment we wake, until the moment we go to bed.

What do occupations mean to you? Feel free to share and discuss your ideas in the comments below.

World Occupational Therapy Day 27th October 2013


How can I help? – click this pic!

Can you contribute to this world day of service for World OT Day?

From volunteering at a homeless shelter to an afternoon’s companionship to a person with cancer, if you think it might be service, it probably is! Click on the picture above to find out how you can help.